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Refund & Cancellation

Refund Policy

Effectively subject to the terms & conditions of Odass IT Solution PVT. LTD. company will need to verify the physical address and all queries for the purpose its commercial use and make every effort to provide appropriate solutions under our banner and services. In most of the cases Odass IT Solution PVT. LTD. will attempt to diagnose multiple solvencies of each case through prospect calling/mailing and face to face meeting.

It seems to be most appropriate including remote access area under the circumstances. If remote access is used on your computer, there will be no residual software from that remote station. A text file will be sent and placed on your computer that will explain the work capacity and work frame done by your computer. You have both the option available, i.e. of file saving and deleting file from your computer, for future reference and further communication.

All assurance/pledge under the services action are properly subject to Odass IT Solution PVT. LTD. warranty.

  • For more information please contact online portal and follow the instructions.
  • Call us on our Toll-Free Number 1800-212-191919.
  • Customer is required to agree to pay all our service fees/other application changes/fees as set out in the appropriate plan in accordance with the company’s payment terms.
  • Payment

    Payment should be made once against the services plan order for the required services according to the plan of order. All payments will be collected by GST Suvidha Solutions on behalf of Odass IT Solution PRIVATE LIMITED.

    GST Suvidha Solutions have no obligations to render under any plan of order if services as required under the plan have not been made.

    We have certain criteria like services fee, activation fee, monthly recurring payment option, annual/partial/monthly payment option that are available including services plan fees. All payments under the annual payment structure will be effective for limited estimated time zone.

    For 12 months term, you shall be charged an additional non refundable activation fees. Payment will be collected at the time of activation. Once the fees including activation fees is collected , it will not be refunded either in case of cancellation or termination of the services. All admitted fees will be payable at the time of inception/ intimation of the service plan.

    When you have entered into any required plan of action , the client need to have agreed to the terms & conditions prescribed by the company’s policy and need to agree to such specific price which will be proposed for the limited time period(term plan).

    Usually some plans may offer any discount on the services or sale for the certain services for a particular time period .You need to agree and maintain the service terms made by the company for the applicable terms & conditions.

    You should provide your acknowledgment and agreement that neither Odass IT Solution PRIVATE LIMITED nor any product described under GST Suvidha Solutions affiliated company will have any liability whatsoever for non sufficient funds or other charges effected by you.

    Payment will also be subject to terms & conditions prescribed by the credit/debit card issuer.

    Renewal Policy

    You need to agree and acknowledge that the subscription under the payment plan by default, is automatically renewed for a month and will inform you through notification as auto renewal process, they can contact us on our Toll-Free Number 1800-212-191919.

    Odass IT Solution PRIVATE LIMITED may at its sole circumspection / wariness and on multiple case basis agree to it.